The idea for opening a gym came when a good friend gave me a few guest passes to a local franchise studio where she was a member. My daughter and I used our guest passes and while I liked the fact that the studio offered a women only environment, that was about the extent of my interest.  It was then that I began to research what was available to women who would rather not workout in a coed gym. I realized that a true gym for women did not exist in our area. Coming from a household with business owners on both sides of the family, I had the entrepreneurial bug as well.  I love a good project and quickly became excited about locating every women’s gym I could visit between my hometown and the next vacation destination my family and I had planned. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with franchise operators and owner/operators as well. I quickly decided a franchise was not the route I wanted to take. I began planning a “women’s only” gym that would better serve women than the franchise I visited that only offered a limited, static routine.   At many studio gyms, there was no progression in the workout program.  Someone who was a long time member continued to do the same workout on hydraulic machines as a newbie coming in for her first workout.   Read more